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Raw Edge Cogged Belts

Raw Edge Belts, as the name implies do not have textile wrapping on the outer surface and are produced by slitting individual belts form rubber sleeves. 

The manufacturing methods also make it simpler to produce belts with cogs underside thereby reducing the bending resistance of the belts and allowing them to operate on pulleys with approximately 20% smaller diameters.  The decreased bending resistance reduces mechanical losses during bending and leads to improved efficiency and reduced working temperature. Heat dissipation is further improved by the larger area between the belt and the surrounding atmosphere and also by the air turbulence around the cogs during operation.  Multi stage drives can be eliminated. These belts require a higher tension than the wrap belts so as to exhibit higher power transmission capability.

-    Moulded Cogs: Allow the Raw Edge cogged belts to operate even over smaller diameter pulley at high speeds.  The cogs also help in reducing the bending stress apart from providing the higher surface are for proper heat dissipation.  
-    Fibre Filled Polychloroprene Base Compound: Gives increased power transmission capability, superior transverse stiffness & high wear resistance.
-    Speed ratios up to 1:12 are possible: This eliminates the need for multi stage drives.
-    Temperature Range: -18°C to +100°C
-    Maximum recommended belt speed is 30m/sec*
-    Permissible flex rate f=100 per second
-    Antistatic, oil and Heat Resistant
* For belt speed more than 30m/s, pulleys must be dynamically balanced

It is recommended to use these belts in borderline cases if difficulties are anticipated in using wrap construction belts.

The advantages of Raw Edge Cogged belts over Wrap Belts are of great importance in following cases-
1.    Drives with very small pulley diameters
2.    2. High ambient temperatures 
3.    High belt speeds
4.    High level of power transmission

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