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Deep groove ball bearings are the most popular type among ball bearings, widely used in a variety of industries. UBC deep groove ball bearings are the workhorse of its family of bearings. Designed to deliver optimum value and reliability, these bearings are produced with careful selection of its steel raw materials, heat treatment processing, précised and efficient forging, turning and grinding processes all managed at exacting standards to produce cost- effective inner and outer races with deep groove raceways. These dependable races are then matched with steel balls and retainers to achieve the right clearance/noise level requirements. 

Lubricants and seals are also thoroughly chosen to optimize service life and reduce maintenance cost of the bearings. 

UBC's deep groove ball bearings are available in open and closed-sealed variants. They also come in miniature, slim and wide series with steel, brass or polyamide retainers.

UBC's deep groove ball bearings are largely used in a wide range of industry applications including textile machines, power tools, wood working machines and automotive transmissions among others.

Deep Groove Ball Bearings


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