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O-Rings are the most commonly used seal worldwide due to their simple, economical yet efficient design. An o’ring is a torus shaped ring (like a doughnut) that is used to prevent leakage of fluids and gases by filling a clearance gap between two mating hard surfaces with a softer material (usually rubber or plastic).



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  • Nitrile N55, N60, N70, N80 & N90

  •  Viton V75 & V90

  •  EPDM E70

  •  Silicone S70

  •  PTFE

  •  Poly Urathane P90

  •  HNBR

  •  Neoprene (CR) C70

  •  Aflas

  •  Kalrez

  •  PTFE enclapsulated Viton

  •  PTFE encapsulated Silicone

  •  Flurosilicone


  •  PTFE

  •  Nitrile N90

  •  PolyEster PE55

  •  Poly Urethane



  • O-ring Cord

  • O-ring and backup kits

  • O-ring Lube

  • Picks

  • Gauges

  • Custom made O-rings, backups and quadrings


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