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Spill Kits & Site Safety

We have a  comprehensive range of quality absorbents and spill kits & safety products available  

From the most absorbent pads, rolls, pillows and mini-booms, to drain protection, bio-remediation,  polyethylene and steel containment products.

We also offer a huge range of containment bunding, dangerous goods, storage cabinets, silt and erosion control, and liquid and drum handling equipment, fire extinguishers & Fume and Dust management . We can also supply a large range of gloves and personal protective equipment for many sectors including, construction, mining, petrochemical, and drilling industries.




Choose a Category for more Information:

Spill Kits & Safety - MSA

Spill Kits

  • Biohazard

  • Blood Borne Pathogens

  • Oil/Fuel 

  • Chemical 

  • General Purpose 

  • Organic



  • Safety Signage

  • Safety Tapes

  • Anti-Slip Tapes

  • Dangerous goods and storage Cabinets

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Fire Extinguishers

  • CO2

  • Powder

  • Air/Water

  • Foam

  • Dry Powder


Dust & Fume Management

  • Portable & Wawll Mounted Fume Extraction Units

  • Extraction Fans

  • Extension Ducting

Locking Mechanisms

  • Safety Pad Locks

  • Identification Locks

  • Safety Lockout Tags

  • Group Isolation Boxes

  • Lockout Stations

  • Portable Lockout Solutions

  • Electrical Isolation Lockouts

  • Valve Isolation Lockouts

  • Circuit Breaker Lockouts

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