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We stock quality and reliability lubricants for their various applications. Whether it’s a food grade spray lubricant, heavy duty industrial grease, a PTFE paste, lanolin based grease, a dry film lubricant or even a chain lubricant, we have all the bases covered.  We cater for a large field of applications from the simpliest domestic job to the largest of repairs, service or manufacturing such as in Mining, Transport, Commercial Fishing, Food & Beverage Industry, Boating and Automotive to name but a few.


Our stock Includes



  • MX3 Lubricant

  • Food Grade Lubricant

  • Lanolin Lubricant

  • Battery Conditioner

  • Chain and Brake Cleaner

  • PTFE 'Supa' Glide

  • PTFE Assembly Lubricant

  • Anti-Seize Lubricant

  • Low Friction Lubricant

  • Dry Film Lubricant

  • Rope & Chain Lubricant

  • Silicone Lubricants

  • Degreaser


Cutting Oil

  • RTD Metal

  • Aluminium

  • C.D.T

  • Soluble

  • Machine & Tool Care

  • Non-Flammable 


  • Extreme Pressure Grease

  • Food Grade Grease

  • Lanolin Grease

  • PTFE Grease

  • Dielectric Grease



  • Industrial Gear Oil

  • Machine/Circulaing Oil

  • Turbine Oil

  • Hydraulic Oil

  • Transmission Oil

  • Electrical Insulating Oil

  • Air Compressor Oil

  • Automotive Gear Oil

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