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Double Sided Belts

We carry a range of PIX Double Sided Belts.

Double V-belts are also known as Hexagonal V-belts.  In simple terms it can be considered as two V-belts joined back to back.   The neutral axis containing the tension member is exactly half way up the section.

-    Temperature range: -18°C to +80°C
-    Maximum recommended belt speed is 30m/s
-    Antistatic, Oil and Heat resistant

Double V-Belts find their application in the drives where several pulleys in the same place are to be driven in the clockwise and anti-clockwise direction simultaneously.  The polyester tension cord laced at the centre of the construction provides the belt extreme flexibility and low stretch properties.  It is because of this positioning of the cord that these belts are not subjected to any other forces as in the case of normal V-belts.  These are also used in rice mills. However off late these belts are rapidly finding application in industrial drives.  

Drive Calculation
The drive calculation for double V-belts differs from the drive calculation of two-pulley drives. The effective lengths rotational speeds, transmission ratios and belts speeds are determined by the effective pulley diameters.  There is no requirement of special pulleys for these belts.  We suggest that the customer should get back to us for assistance in using these belts.

For all practical purposes the length of double V-belts is considered as the effective length, which is roughly the belt length at the centre.

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