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Gear Couplings

KCP Gear Coupling follows the international standards of AGMA and JIS, which easily allows to replace with major industrial products. 

Our Gear coupling compensate angular misalignment, parallel misalignment and end float. The fully crowned hub teeth provide minimum loading stress, and ensure longer life.

-    High torque, small size, long life and very little loss of transmitting power
-    The concave-convex flange design allows easy assembly and the high quality gasket prevent leakage of lubricant.
-    Gear Coupling permits parallel, angular misalignments and end floating by crown gear teeth.
-    The coupling made of S45C has a good endurance to high speed and peak load.
-    Customer’s requirements of special design can be acceptable.

-    Heavy load, but compact design coupling
-    Highs speed up to 5,000rpm (Depending on size, refer to the data)
-    Low speed, but high starting torque
-    End float application
-    Spacer required, due to longer distance between shaft ends
-    Low load and light weight application is not recommended


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