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MAX DYNAMIC® Coupling 

Characteristics of MAX DYNAMIC® Coupling: 
1. Facility protection for twirl and twist, impact and abrasion 
2. Very simple replacement and maintenance without oil and grease 
3. Very simple replacement without the separation of motor or connector on the related line due to it’s simple structure 
4. Possible for the dissimilar connection and assembling with same hub 
5. Polyurethane based for having good water resistance, chemical resistance 
6. Highest flexible elasticity on run 
7. Less noise

-    Agitator
-    Blower
-    Compressor
-    Conveyors
-    Cranes and Hoists
-    Elevators
-    Fans
-    Generators
-    Pump
-    Brewery and Distilling
-    Food Industry
-    Lumber Industry
-    Pulp and Paper Mill 
-    Rubber Industry
-    Textile Mills
-    Aggregate Processing Cement

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