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Poly-V Belts

V-ribbed belts, also termed as Poly-V belts, can be described as flat cord-reinforced transmissions belts with length wise running triangular-shaped ribs with a top angle of 40.  This construction leads to good support for all cords in the reinforcement and therefore an even load distribution is achieved.  

The smallest profile PH is used in miniature drives and the next larger PJ in household equipment drives.  The profile PK is mainly used in automotive applications and also used in industrial applications while the larger profiles PL and PM are used in industrial and agricultural applications.

-    Good flexibility with high power carrying capacity unit width
-    Low stretch
-    Temperature up to +100°
-    Speed ratios over 1:30 are possible
-    High maximum belt speed up to 50m/s
-    Only five sections cover the large power range from 0.1kW up to more than 600kW
-    Combines the advantages of flat belts with those of V-belts
-    Antistatic, Oil and Heat Resistant

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