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Curved Tooth Gear Couplings

We stock a range of pilot bore Curved Tooth Gear Couplings.  The Curved Tooth Gear Coupling consists of 2 geared hubs and a curved tooth nylon sleeve.


Product Characteristics:
- Double-Section tpye curved-tooth gear couping
- Widely applicable in various mechanical & hydraulic fields
- Nylon & steel matched, maintenance free
- Able to offset axial, radial & angular misalignments
- Axial plugging assembly, very convenient

Nylon Toothed Sleeve Characteristics: - Excellent Mechanical Performance
- High rigidity
- High temperature resistance (+100C)
- Not embrittled at low temperature - Good slippery & frictional behaviour
- Excellent electrical insulation behaviour -
 Chemical corrosion endurable
- High Accuracy of processing

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